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Site Map

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Check-in time is 2:00PM, and Check-out time is 12:00 Noon.
Extra charge for early arrival or late departure.

Quiet hours are 11:00PM to 8:00AM. All children must be on their site by 11:15PM.

Registration of all visitors is required upon entering the campground. All day guests must leave by 11:00PM.

Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children. Children under age 7 are not allowed in bath facilities nor are children under age 16 allowed at the pool without adult supervision. NO pets allowed in either area.

Leashed pets are permitted with responsible owners. Pets are not to be left outside the camping unit when the owner is away from the site. All pet droppings are to be picked up. Vaccination records mandatory.

Minibike, trike or motorcycle riding prohibited in park. Do not use chain saws or generators without permission.

Speed limit is 5 MPH. No more than two vehicles per site. No biking after dark.

Campsites are to be kept clean at all times. Tie garbage bags and deposit at roadside for pick-up. Separate all recyclable items. No change to any site without permission. One table and fire ring per site.

Wet bathing suits NOT permitted in store, bath houses or recreation rooms. No glass containers in pool area.

Discharge of firearms or explosives of any type is not allowed.

We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the grounds who does not show proper camping etiquette. Vandalism or other unseemly, rowdy behavior will not be tolerated. There will be no refund.

Do not deface or cut trees or plants for any purpose. Firewood is for sale.

Do not wash clothes or dishes in bathhouse. No car washing on site.

Anything “out of order” should be reported to the office.

Campfires are to be kept small and attended at all times. Campers are responsible for damages due to negligence.

Patio lights are to be turned off before retiring. A bug light may be substituted. One string of lights per site except for seasonals.

Seasonal adults are welcome to use the adult lounge for parties anytime it is otherwise not in use.

Management cannot assume any responsibility for injury or accident to campers or guests; or for theft, vandalism, or damage to camping units, valuables or other property.

We reserve the right to refuse or to remove any camping unit at any time to prevent any known or suspected hazard and to correct any situation that may be harmful to others.

No open alcoholic beverages to be carried about the park. The sale, distribution or use of drugs in the campground is strictly prohibited and will be cause for eviction without refund and possible prosecution.

We are here for your enjoyment. Relax, rest, stay a while, have a good time, and come back!

Open mid-April thru mid-October

Country Oaks Campground
13 South Jersey Avenue (Route 557)
Dorothy, New Jersey 08317
(609) 476-2143
Toll-Free Reservations: 1 800 694-0315

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